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I fell down a well and ended up in New York. Why haven't I gone back to Andalasia? Who knows.

Along with drawing I also love movie making, below is my youtube link!
I got tagged by :iconspikezilla1:, how did you know I love OC quizzes? :>

Since we've been seeing some art of my Ninja Turtle girls lately, I think I shall answer these questions as my crazy turtle tank: Terrapin! (As seen here: We're baaaaaaack by R2ninjaturtle Sisters Share by R2ninjaturtle You're damn right I'm royalty by R2ninjaturtle Triceraton Turtle by R2ninjaturtle)


Classical. What's your name?

Terrapin. Yeah, it's just a fancy scientific word for Turtle, good job. You see, before my dad decided he was going to adopt me (yaknow, before he realized how adorable I am :P), he had people looking for a family to take me in… and being a little hatchling without a name he just called me "the terrapin creature," which eventually got cut down to "Terrapin," and by the time I was adopted it just stuck as my name. I happen to think it's pretty cool, but I'll also answer to R2. It's a dumb nickname my Earth family gave to me, it means "Raphael 2." Basically it started out as an inside joke, they started calling me "Raph #2" because they thought it was funny how much Raphael (my beau) and I have in common. That got shortened to R2, and now I pretty much answer to it more than I do Terrapin. I don't mind, it makes me sound like a droid. Or wait, there's a famous droid here on Earth named that right? I don't even know. This is the longest answer to "What is your name" I've ever seen, haha.

What is your goal in life?
You know, that's a good question, because I feel like the goals I had for most of my life growing up have been fulfilled these past few years. What I've always wanted was to find somewhere where I belong. Being a turtle growing up on the Triceraton Homeworld, needless to say, I didn't fit in. Also, with my father being the Prime Leader, people thought I'd take over after him, and I am NOT the leading type. I wanted to help fight in the war and protect "my people." Things were sort of out of my hands, I couldn't grow horns and a tail, I couldn't just quit being a Princess, I couldn't grow another 2 feet and I couldn't just leave. But then a few years ago all the circumstances changed. The war ended, my dad was overthrown (and arrested), the government was changing, and oddly enough, I met turtle creatures just like me. So I did end up leaving, and it turned out to be for the better.  Now I fight alongside my new family against all of their enemies plus a few foes of my own, I'm among my own kind and I'm welcomed here, I feel free to do what I want, go where I want, I go on so many more adventures now, I've made so many friends, I'm in a relationship… Life is good. But I don't know what my future holds. So… I guess my new goals would be to keep practicing the ninja techniques I've been learning and perfect them someday, and… I don't know, eventually living on Earth and hiding from humans might get old, maybe I'll go leave and find some of my own adventures out in the universe. 

Do you have any family? Friends?
I have no immediate family. Literally, I actually learned recently that I came from a tube. Creepy scientific shit, I won't even go into that story. Zanramon is my adopted Triceraton dad, single father with no siblings, just me and him… Then there's my Earth family I live with now: There's Master Splinter and his four sons Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello. Like I said, Raphael, he's my guy. My best friend and my boyfriend. Then there's Kazari and Sango, they've pretty much unofficially adopted me as their little sister since they joined the clan, and Sango's kid Lily even calls me "Auntie Two," so, I guess that sorta makes her my niece… And then there's Nora, she only just showed up, but she's apparently another test-tube baby, scienced-up by the same psychopath, so, maybe in some weird way SHE'S actually a sister of mine. I don't know, my life and relationships are all really complicated and weird. Am I missing anybody? I mean as far as friends go there's also Leatherhead, Casey, April… Eh, it's late, sorry if I missed anybody!

Do you read? What is your particular favorite book?
Pft, negative. I don't read. Just TRY to get me to sit still for that long without tying me down!

Another Classic. What's your age?
I'll be turning 19 soon.

Who is your hero?
Oh geez… Heh, okay Mikey has this movie Wreck-It Ralph, and there's this badass video game character Sergeant Calhoun. I fucking love her. Mike says she's me with better one-liners :P. Or Raph, I really look up to him when it comes to being heroic and a warrior… Yeah, a cartoon character and my boyfriend, my answers are really fucking stupid. I wish I had someone better to name for you but all of my childhood heroes teamed up and sent my father to prison. So.

Do you have a crush or someone special? Who?
As if I haven't already made that obvious, right?

Is there a movie you particularly like? Who's your favorite character?
I've only seen a handful of movies all the way through since I've come to this planet… Like reading books, I have pretty much no attention span, I've gotta get up and move around. Sango and Mikey usually hog the TV with horror movies and if Raph and I ever get it, we just watch wrestling or sports. But you know, Sango's been putting on more movies for Lily to watch lately, and can I just be a total sap and say Disney movies are beautiful? She put on this one called Snow White the other day. Princess Snow White herself was… retarded, but the entire movie looked like a moving painting, I couldn't stop watching. If I have to choose a favorite character though, uh… Grumpy, haha. I also caught a little bit of Pinocchio and Dumbo, and again, beautiful stuff. I told Sango to tell me when she puts these movies on because I really wanna see more! UPDATE: We watched Peter Pan and I LOVED IT!!!! Tinkerbell was my favorite, what a bitch X)

What's your favorite food?
Macaroni and cheese… on pizza. We eat a lot of pizza around here.

Anything interesting about yourself that you'd like to share?
I think I already mentioned I used to be a princess… I said I was lab-born… Oh! So, according to the file we found, the psycho who created me, right? He made me by taking a little bit of DNA from one of Master Splinter's sons and cloned me from it. We're all pretty positive it was Raph (and yes, I know that's a little weird that we're dating. I swear, Donnie compared our DNA and it's just a BIT alike..!! It sounds like Jerry Springer-type shit but I promise it's not. That file also said I was a failure, he used a bunch of other alien DNA to fill in the gaps… I am my own separate… thing). I was also born with fangs, that's pretty cool… result from the alien genetics in my system. Sometimes I think it'd be cool if one day that alien DNA suddenly caused me to grow a long tail or something outrageous and badass like spikes or claws or horns, or develop powers of some kind :D

Do you have any dark secrets? What's your darkest one?
And why would I tell that to a stranger I just met? …This isn't an interrogation, is it?

Any regrets?
Even though I said coming to Earth with the turtles turned out to be really good for me… I haven't mentioned that the turtles also played a huge role in overthrowing my dad. They might have caused him the MOST trouble, actually. At the time when it happened, I was completely lost and I had no idea what to do or what was gonna happen to me… what they were going to do with me. At this point, I figure I would have either went to a foster home, or maybe with Korta my nanny (although I would've gone kicking and screaming if I had to live with that traitor of a husband of her's). Anyway, so, I was scared and alone, and then there were the turtles. For once in my life, there were people of my own kind. And despite everything, they offered me a chance to go back to Earth with them. Let me put this into perspective: I did NOT want to be there on the Homeworld to see all the changes that were gonna be made, I didn't want to be on the Homeworld alone without my father, I had to get out of there immediately. So even though they were more than half of the reason why the entire world I knew of had crumbled, I went and accepted it anyway. Like I said, it turned out surprisingly, incredibly well, but I also feel horrible because I feel like I betrayed daddy… I mean what's a bigger "fuck you" than going off to live with the people who ruined you? When I said goodbye I didn't tell him where I was going, I just said I was exiling myself. Though since then, thanks to Donatello I've been able to contact him a few times (he was also exiled eventually, long story short, even the prison didn't want him), and I get a feeling he's figured out where I am and who I'm with. He's never said anything, so I hope he understands even a little, but I still feel terrible about it.

If you had the power to do any of three things, what would they be and why?
Oh man, I should try and keep this one brief, I can't believe how much I'm rambling on here! 1) Teleport. No, not to teleport bombs into the middle of cities… seriously nobody ever bring up the Fugitoid or his teleporter around me, I will smash your face in. No, I just want to teleport so I can travel back and fourth across the universe between my dad and my turtle clan. 2) Kill Bishop. Kill him so hard he actually dies and doesn't come back. That's a power in itself because the motherfucker won't stay down, he just keeps coming back and it'd be GREAT if that stopped. 3) Use an Undo button on traditional art. I swear on the Horn of Hannelin Sango always has me practicing with these primitive Earth pencils and markers, and when you make a mistake YOU CAN'T GET RID OF IT. IT'S THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING, WHY WOULD YOU EVER CHOOSE TO DRAW THIS WAY???

Favorite color?
Red, of course.

What is your biggest dream?
To grow another 2 feet. And horns. And a tail. Did I already mention this? Whoops. …It'd be nice if I could at LEAST have a decent roar. Dammit.

What's your worst nightmare?
A malfunctioning atmosphere converter. We'd replace it every few years to avoid that, but in all the crazy physical stuff I do I've still experienced it breaking on me twice in my life, and it's terrifying when it happens. It was always important to have a spare close by. Now that I live on Earth it doesn't even matter anymore, my converter's turned off, I just keep it in my mouth for comfort haha

Any super awesome skills that you have?
Heh, well, I'm a turtle so, naturally I'm an awesome swimmer, I can hold my breath for a ridiculous amount of time… I have a lifetime's worth of Triceraton military training under my belt, including my training with a blaster gun (I don't care what anybody says, that's my favorite weapon!), on my own time I've gone through intense weight training to the point of bodybuilding to get myself as strong as I can possibly be, I was a wild child and self-taught myself a lot of acrobatics and gymnastics, these past 4-5 years I've been studying the Ninjitsu style of fighting with the other turtles, and that's opened the doors for many new skills like parkour and the use of new weapons like sais and a battle axe… Also, fun fact, I've been drawing since I was a toddler, I usually draw to wind down these days. Sango says I'm really good but I know I have a long way to go before I get to her rank!

What is your biggest fear?
Losing contact with my dad forever. Or being stuck on Earth. The technology is so far behind here, they can barely get to their moon and walk on it. The turtles are lucky to know aliens and other creatures that can help them if they need to transport themselves across the universe or through dimensions (or even time!) if they really needed to call in the favor, but if something happened where they couldn't anymore and I couldn't get in contact with another planet… I'd feel like I was stuck on a desert island.

Last question, what do you value most in life?
I definitely think it's family. I would die for them. … …And also VICTORYYYY!!!!!!!!


This was really fun :) I didn't expect to have so much to say about her in this.

Alright so, I taaaaaag:

:iconshadow-hoshi: I DEMAND NORA!!!


And anyone else who would like to give it a try!!

~R2 (it's weird signing off with that after doing a whole quiz about the actual character the nickname came from, rofl)

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